House 559 Music, situated in Green Lanes, Haringey, opens its doors to the public who went to begin their adventure into music and understand the art of DJ’ing.

Our beginner course consists of 8 hours, structured to newbies with professional tutors who have played at international festivals and many of London’s top clubs.

The 559 HQ is a totally unique learning zone with state of the art equipment, mood lighting and full soundproofing enabling students to practice at full volume to replicate a real life club setting.

Session 1 – (2 Hours)

  • Equipment set up
  • Equipment and functions
  • What should I buy?
  • Controllers VS CDJ’s
  • Introduction to beat matching

Session 2 – (2 Hours)

  • Bars, Beats and Phrasing
  • Tempo and BPM
  • Pitch Matching
  • Mixing with headphones
  • Mixing in phrase.

Session 3 – (2 Hours)

  • How to use internal EFX in the mix
  • Knowing your music
  • Matching sound levels
  • The faders
  • EQ settings

Session 4 – (2 Hours)

  • 1 hour practice mix
  • 1 hour recorded set
  • Photography and 20 second video reel for social media


Take advantage of our introductory beginner offer for £300.