Who are you?

Kenny Benson.  19.  House head.  DJ.  Producer.  One half of YMD.  And one helluva a dancer!

When do you play on House 559 Music?
Saturday 4-6pm.  The Saturday Sounds slot as I like to call it.  Warm up with me and you’ll have one banging Saturday night.

Describe your music style? What’s different about you compared to other DJs?
I’m a broad ranging DJ tbf.  But the difference I’d like to think  is energy and passion.  I see genre-specific DJ’s kill crowds all too often and it makes my heart bleed.  Read your crowd. Adapt; overcome; improvise…have some fun with it FFS!

What attracted you to play at House 559 Music?
Studio is mint, set-up first rate and the passion from the core is contagious.  I love a passion for house.  From garage through vocal to deep tech and everything in-between, I can forgive a shit mix here and there but to play without passion is unforgivable.  House 559 Music is where it’s at.

Who are your favourite DJ/Producers?
Oh man, next question! 😂
Ok, the legends like Cox, Sanchez, Morales, Masters at Work all kill me but I do like the fire some of the new big names bring: Sam Divine is pure class atm for example.  And her side kick Jess Bays makes my balls tingle when I hear her, that girl’s song selection was so on-point over the season it was insane so she is defo’ one to watch!

Where do you find music inspiration?
My folks are house heads so it was always part of life growing up.  My mum in particular could hear a beat on a mix before the DJ even knew he/she was bringing it in so that was a big part!  Then I hit garage as a teenager and fell in love.  The love story continues across most house genres…it’s a passion that just keeps giving!

What is one track that never gets old for you, no matter how many times you hear it?
Music is the answer.  Tanaglia.

I don’t give a flying f*** about money or fame but the night me and Danny go b2b at a festival might just be when I find peace!

How did u get into djing/ what’s your musical background?
As I said, house was always a big part of family life, as well other genres so I was kinda plugged in to the whole vibe early on.  Then I learned the guitar and started rearranging songs and performing and then that extended to my mixing and producing for house music and it all followed from there.  I’m now studying at Point Blank London which is insane tbf.  Sounds a bit lame but I do love dancing.  Once you’ve actually lost yourself to house music properly on a dance floor I just can’t see how you couldn’t fall in love and become a disciple!

What do you usually start with when preparing for a set?
My eyes.  Watch the crowd, connect, the rest just follows.

What are your main challenges as a DJ?
Getting airtime as a relatively young DJ in a competitive space is tough in a crowded market.  My age doesn’t help.  A lot of labels and promoters want to write me off atm just because I’m 19.  They’ll see….

What single night out has been the most memorable for you? As a DJ? As an attendee?
DJ: Nights at Boxxed Birmingham always hold dear to me as it’s in my home town.  That back room was vibing on more than one occasion!

Attendee: This is tough.  But one night at Barbarellas in Croatia, about 4am, Spen and Charisma were just fire.  I watched about a thousand people all connected, all vibing, all absolutely loving every drop.  It sounds soft but it was something very special I’ll never forget.  That connection across all classes, sexes, races…fuck I love house music man!!!

What is one mistake you see a lot of DJs making? / What advice would you give to aspiring DJs?
Read your crowd.  I see too many DJ’s with pre-planned sets or stuck in one genre.  Ffs read your crowd, vibe with them, connect, and then flow, then lead, then bounce!  It’s pure magic when you make it happen. 

What’s next for you? Where can we find you? (upcoming gigs)
I’m all over so check out my social but my boy Ellis and me are working on some unreal new releases for YMD in the coming months so watch out peeps.

Your favourite mix? (of yourself)
You decide!  Check me out on social and on House 559 Music and tell me!  Feedback is ace.  You never stop learning folks so talk to me!!

Social Media handles?
Insta – kennybensonofficial
Facebook – Kennybensonofficial